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Yakima County EMS agencies may find many commonly used forms, recertification information, course schedules and additional training opportunities here. In addition, under the “Agencies/Providers” navigation button you will find a menu for protocols and procedures, and more.

Ongoing Training

EMT Training in YakimaYakima County Department of Emergency Medical Services offers an On-going Training and Evaluation Program (OTEP). This program has been approved by the Washington State Department of Health EMS & Trauma Prevention office and by the Yakima County Medical Program Director.

The following is a list of class dates, times and locations. For information regarding attending an OTEP class in Yakima County contact the EMS office.

Ninth Brain Suite

NBS Contact Application form (Please complete if you are signing up your agency administration, or your entire agency.)
NBS Provider Sign-up List (Please complete if you are signing up your administration or your entire agency along with the "NBS Contact Application Form", or just this form if signing up just yourself as a provider).

Training Login for Ninth Brain

2020 EMS Department Monthly Training Schedules

January 2020 pdf
February pdf
March pdf
April pdf
May pdf
June pdf
July pdf
August pdf
September pdf
October pdf
November pdf
December pdf

OTEP Workshop Makeup Schedule

Download the 2020 Makeup Schedule


EMS Evaluator Courses

The Yakima County Department of Emergency Medical Services will be offering the following classes for all current EMS Evaluators.

Watch this space for information on upcoming 2020 Courses!

Please plan on attending one of the above listed courses if you are currently a Washington State EMS Evaluator. To check your current Washington State EMS Evaluator, log into your SAW Account or search your status here.

More information

To register, email Diane at or call the office at 509-574-2158. 

Initial Course 

If would like to become a Washington State Certified EMS Evaluator, you must have been certified in Washington State at the EMT level or above for at least one certification period (3 years) and will need to attend the following course: 

Watch this space for information on upcoming 2020 Courses!

More information

To register, email Diane at or call the office at 509-574-2158.

Paramedic Protocol Exams

Paramedic protocol exams must be scheduled by a supervisor.

  • Paramedic protocol exams, which include a written exam and practical skills will only be conducted on Wednesday afternoons by appointment.
  • 2 weeks advance notice is appreciated.

Please contact Diane at (509) 574-2158 or to schedule an appointment.

  • An email address and phone number of the candidate will be needed at the time the appointment is made.

Initial Training


Ongoing Training - Ninth Brain Suite Training

NBS Contact Application form
NBS Provider Sign-up List

Protocols and Quality Improvement / Quality Assurance

Yakima County EMS Protocol Review Request Form
EMS Request for Review or Recognition (QI/QA)

Washington State Department of Health Application forms

American Heart Association forms

AHA Course Roster NWMTG
AHA Course Evaluation NWMTG

Protocols and County Operating Procedures

The updated protocols for Yakima County have been approved by the Washington State DOH. Every provider, regardless of certification level, will have to successfully pass a written exam before the protocols may be utilized.

More details regarding the written certification exam will be forthcoming.

Most Current Yakima County Protocols 2020

Download the Pre-Hospital Patient Care Guideline Protocols for Adams, Benton, Franklin and Yakima Counties

Yakima County Protocols – 2018

Table of Contents
Appendix A - Procedures - Supraglottic Airway
Appendix B - Prehospital Cardiac Triage Destination Procedure
Appendix B - Prehospital Stroke Triage Destination Procedure
Appendix B- Prehospital Trauma Triage (Destination) Procedure
Appendix C - Drip Chart & Conversions
Appendix D - Glasgow Coma Scale, APGAR, START, Rule of Nines
Appendix E - Direction to Take a Blood Draw
Appendix F - Formulary

Additional Procedures

Yakima County Operating Procedures

South Central Region System Plan


Emergency Medical Services in Yakima County
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