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Coricidin HBP

Thank you, Captain Jeff Pfaff, Yakima Fire Department for sharing the information below:

On February 26th, the West Valley School District posted information regarding an increase in students using Coricidin HBP as a hallucinogenic to obtain a quick high. This has been going on around the country for a few years but recently is rising in our area. Additional information regarding the use of “Triple C”.

Statement from West Valley Schools:

“WV Parents: We are sharing so that our community can work together to keep our kids away from the latest trend (bad idea). We are seeing evidence of this drug being used in our MS, JH and HS. Please be on the lookout for these pills and for the symptoms of abusing them. 

From our Drug & Alcohol Counselor:
Coricidin is an over-the-counter cough and cold medication. The scientific name is Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide; its drug class is a hallucinogen. They are little red pills that come in a pack of 8; students who are taking these to get high are ingesting far more than the recommended dose. These are a few names that the students use to describe this medication: Triple C’s, Skittles, DXM, and Red Devils. A few side effects that students experience are slurred speech, delusion, hallucinations, very talkative, and enlarged pupils. 

This drug has swept through other communities as seen in these news stories. We are hoping to keep it from taking hold with our students. Thanks for being on the lookout and talking to your kids about never abusing medicine - even over-the-counter meds can be very dangerous if not taken as intended.”

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